Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 7th 2011- Yo I got really excited so here is the first line up ..update. We'll probably add about 20 more bands plus the actual wrestling card in the next few weeks. We'll announce tickets and venues probably around January. But if you are a real rocker you probably know where the wrestling show will be.

Just working the rest of the stuff out with them. We'll have a website rea...dy sometime this weekend, there is also a message board if you dare to enter the void. You'll probably see a schedule in March, and the rest of the odds and ends come together.

Adding wrestling this year I think was really crucial as I am a life long wrestling fan. It made sense. This might be a new thing to a lot of people but its really fun and cool if you go in with an open mind. There WILL BE an Evil Weevil Championship belt that will go along with the wrestling.

We didn't want to book just another "fest". This will 100% be all ages, and very affordable for a punx budget. We pulled out all the stops. So sit back and relax we are gonna have a fun Spring.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out so far Maven & DJ CZW, Jamie R5, Joe HXC, Tony Godino and Philip Leone.

If you believe you are a real enough rocker email road2ruinfest (a) if you wanna play.

Algernon Cadwallader- Philadelphia, PA- Hot Green Records

Big Eyes- Seattle, WA -Evil Weevil/Don Giovanni Records

Captain, We're Sinking- Scranton, PA- Evil Weevil/Kind Of Like Records

Cloak/Dagger- Richmond, VA -Jade Tree Records

Dry Feet- Philadelphia Beach, PA - Evil Weevil/Burger Records

The Eeries- Philadelphia, PA - Evil Weevil Records

Everyone Everywhere- Philadelphia, PA - Evil Weevil/Tiny Engines Records

Marvelous Darlings- Toronto, CAN - Grave Mistake Records

The Men- Brooklyn, NY - Sacred Bones Records

Night Birds- Brooklyn, NY - Grave Mistake Records

Secret Police- New Brunswick, NJ - Don Giovanni Records

Spook Houses- Ridgewood, NJ - Evil Weevil Records

Tigers Jaw- Scranton, PA - Run For Cover Records