Hey Everyone!

Sorry we've been a little quiet about the Friday night show. It's been a little difficult getting some stuff together for the gig. Friday's show will be at the Danger Danger Gallery in West Philadelphia. We are really stoked. This is a nice tiny venue. Its going to be jam-packed with some of our favorite bands and best friends.

The price at the door will be $12.00. Not asking much brothers! If you bought advanced or three day passes/tickets for this show bring your ID and yourself to the line labeled ADVANCED TICKETS. This will make everything go much quicker. If you are UNDER 21 NOOOOOOO DRINKING. We still love you and I hope we can still have a good time.

The doors will open at 6pm. First band at 7pm. The address is 5013 Baltimore Ave.

Very Happy
Diarrhea Planet
Everyone Everywhere
Iron Chic
Algernon Cadwallader

Saturday doors will open at 11AM. Same thing two lines. One for ADVANCED, and one for walk ups. First band at 1pm. COME EARLY. This is going to be a jam packed day and some crazy stuff going on all day. Our Philly boys LUTHER kick the day off. Below you'll find the COMPLETE line up.

Luther- 12:15pm
Nuclear Santa Claust 12:45pm
Secret Police 1:15pm
Give 1:45pm
Dry Feet 2:15pm
The Eeries 2:45pm
CHIKARA 3:10pm
The World Is A Beautiful Place And I'm No Longer Afraid To Die 4:05pm
The Holy Mess 4:40pm
Tigers Jaw 5:15pm
Big Eyes 5:50pm
Night Birds 6:25pm
Cloak/Dagger 7:20pm
CHIKARA 7:30pm
Creepoid 8:25pm
The Front Bottoms 9:05pm
Pissed Jeans 9:45pm
The Menzingers 10:40pm

Sunday doors should open around 2:00pm. We had a few cancellations and a few guys forgot to take off from work so we are shuffling stuff around. But confirmed to play are:
Glocca Morra
Staple Boys
Night Sins
Deep Sleep
Kicking Spit
Band Name
Spook Houses
Rational Animals

We have two sets we are filling. And should know by tomorrow or Friday the last two bands. Its gonna be a fun show. We'll be giving away some free stuff, and crap. Just come party with us.

You can still buy passes up until Thursday night. After then we'll take links down and it will be all walk ups first come first serve. Sunday tickets are now available for $11.00.

Sorry for the delays. Its pretty much just me and Mike putting everything together. Lots of ups and downs, but I now have a BJs membership card and we ate at Chili's last night. This is going to be a great weekend. Thank you to everyone for the support so far. We could not have done this with out a lot of great peoples help!


We are the Road To Ruin Festival organizers and here is the most up-to-date information for the festivities.

Everything is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm on April 20th in Philadelphia. The venue is to be announced. But we are gonna rock it so hard with some of our favorite bands and best friends! Kicking it off with our friends Very Happy, and going into the mighty mighty LVL UP. Our old friends from Nashville, Tennessee Diarrhea Planet making their Philadelphia return! Our very dear and old friends Everyone Everywhere will follow. Next up we have one of the best rock groups out there today Iron Chic will bring all the anthems. To close out the first night of what is sure to be a semi memorable weekend Algernon Cadwallader will take the stage to make sure everyone is left without a voice and soaked in sweat!

We are going to give you approximately 12 hours to recuperate and then we are going to kick off at 12 noon on April 21st at the castle of rock the 23rd Street Armory (22 S 23rd St) with a little shindig thrown by our MCs of rock the 91.7 WKDU DJs. First band is scheduled to hit the stage at 1PM.

CHIKARA are scheduled to wrestle two sets through out the day. This is a punk show with a few wrestling performances. We are huge wrestling fans and we always thought Road To Ruin sounded like it could be a PPV and when we had the opportunity to add CHIKARA we jumped on it. Please look these guys and gals up because they KILL it.

We'll have everyone from Richmond's Give, New Jersey's Night Birds, and The Front Bottoms and then of course some of our FAVORITE Philadelphia bands The Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, The Holy Mess and The Eeries. We'll even have some old friends like Big Eyes who now call Seattle home. Please see poster for full line up! Saturday is going to be full of surprises and good times. You'll probably see some bands you've never heard of and some bands you love. But we want everyone to come out and have a great time.

Sunday as we've been saying is going to still be a great show but on a much smaller scale. It will be held at the same venue that we did our first Road To Ruin fest last year. The Fire. We'll be kicking Sunday off with a FREE bar-be-que. And we are still working on the full line up for the gig. But you'll be seeing bands such Rational Animals, Deep Sleep, and then of course our little Evil Weevil Records showcase and record release extravaganza. We'll release the Night Sins 12" EP, Stable Boys 7" EP, and Spook Houses cassingle for their new LP. There will be loads of free stuff, give aways, and more of a party atmosphere.

This is what we hope to accomplish the weekend of Road To Ruin. Its about friends, music and just having a good time. There will be a lot of stuff going on and we hope everyone is able to come and have an enjoyable time. Thank you to everyone for your continued support as we book this crazy weekend.