Friday, December 30, 2011


December 30th 2011

Ok so we've got some more stuff to tell yous guys about:

We will be hosting a screening of 2 films on Thursday, April 19th: DIY In America and Card Subject To Change. There will be more info on this as things continue to come together.

There will also be an Evil Weevil pop up shop and art gallery at this screening. Bring money for records, clothing, art and movies.

Also, We are more than pleased to announce these bands who were recently added to the Road To Ruin Lineup:

Creepoid - Philadelphia, PA - Phonographic Arts/No Idea Records

Diarrhea Planet - Nashville, TN - Evil Weevil/Infinity Cat Records

Give - Washington, DC - Painkiller/Deranged Records

The Holy Mess - Philadelphia, PA - Evil Weevil/Red Scare Records

Iron Chic - Long Island, NY - Dead Broke/Mad Money Records

Luther - Philadelphia, PA - Black Numbers/Disconnect Disconnect Records

Nuclear Santa Claust - New York, NY - Don Giovani Records

Pissed Jeans - Allentown/Philadelphia, PA - Sub Pop Records

Sickoids - Philadelphia, PA - Residue Records

Very Happy - Philadelphia/West Chester, PA - Excitement Cat Records